Monday, March 16, 2009

ASMFC Releases Report on Diadromous Fish Habitat

In January 2009, the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission published the ninth document in its Habitat Management Series entitled, Atlantic Coast Diadromous Fish Habitat: A Review of Utilization, Threats, Recommendations for Conservation, and Research Needs, by Karen Greene, Jennifer Zimmerman, Wilson Laney, and Jessie Thomas-Blate. The report is the most comprehensive compilation of habitat information to date on Commission-managed diadromous species, which include American eel, American and hickory shad, alewife and blueback herring, Atlantic sturgeon, and Atlantic striped bass. The report’s primary focus is on inshore and nearshore habitats along the Atlantic coast for all life stages of the included species and was developed to serve as a resource for fisheries managers to use when amending existing fishery management plan FMPs. It identifies all known diadromous fish habitat, areas of particular concern to shad and river herring species, threats to diadromous species, conservation and restoration recommendations and/or requirements, and future habitat research information needs. Furthermore, maps developed using a GIS interface, provide an all-inclusive source of spawning habitat information for Commission-managed diadromous species.

The report is available online at , as well as on CD. For more information or a copy of the full publication, including spawning areas DVD, please contact Jessie Thomas-Blate, Habitat Coordinator, at

source: asmfc press release

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