Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Controversial Film Raises Questions About Shark Data

An upcoming documentary, The Shark Con, asks if sharks are overfished, or are the numbers exaggerated for fundraising?

According to the filmmaker, the conservation movement has rallied to discredit commercial fishermen by claiming that they have destroyed the oceans by fishing them to the point of extinction.

“They chose the shark because with sharks, they have leverage into virtually every fishery... My understanding of the shark academics is that marine  environmentalists and government management agencies, have used the poster child approach as a motivation for domestic and international control of the oceanic resources as it has unfolded historically to date.”  - Russell Hudson President Directed Shark Fisheries, INC.

“Hopefully "The Shark Con" will inspire the researchers and regulatory agencies to get the stats right...”  - James Swan ESPN

The Shark Con takes viewers on a roller coaster ride into the big business of sharks, revealing the controversial truth about the industry, all the while trying to answer the central question…Are sharks really overfished?  Or is this just an elaborate con?

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