Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Postcode Lottery Launches Project Oceans

The Postcode Lottery (a charity lottery) has launched a new funding initiative ‘Project Oceans’.  The 7 million Euros fund has been created with the goal to increase consumer awareness about the challenges the oceans are facing, and to support the work of organizations that focus on protection of the oceans and sustainable seafood solutions.

To further support the much needed increase in consumer awareness, the Postcode Lottery Project Oceans has created their own website, where competitions and other activities are used to engage the public, generate interest in the oceans, and explain how visitors to the site can make a difference.

Project Oceans has also begun work on the creation of a television documentary, which will be filmed by Mattias Klum. Mattias is a renowned natural history photographer and film producer whose work has been featured in numerous exhibitions around the world and on the cover of National Geographic magazine.

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