Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Delaware Bay Atlantic Sturgeon Research

Recently, biologists from New Jersey's DEP Division of Fish and Wildlife deployed acoustic receivers in the Delaware Bay to track migration patterns of Atlantic sturgeon. Most of the 7 receivers were set in areas that are less than 20 feet deep. Anglers fishing in inshore waters may encounter the white buoys marked "NJDEP Research".

As part of a multi-state collaborative effort, the Division has partnered with several states to develop a multi-year effort directed at providing state, federal, and regional management authorities with information necessary to successfully conserve and restore Atlantic sturgeon populations. Mid Atlantic populations of the species were among several regional populations that recently received listings as endangered or threatened.

As part of a coastwide project, NJDEP will purchase, assemble, deploy and maintain 18 receivers in the Delaware Bay. Data will be downloaded monthly from each receiver to detect movement of Atlantic sturgeon tagged with acoustic telemetry tags. The new receivers will complement the existing receiver array within Delaware Bay, specifically on the NJ side, to ensure complete coverage of the sampling area. The additional coverage will allow for greater detection of Atlantic sturgeon and provide the ability to monitor immigration and emigration from the Delaware Bay. An additional 11 receivers are expected to be deployed during 2012.

For exact receiver coordinates or for more information about the project contact Heather Corbett at 609-748-2020.

source: NJDEP Division of Fish and Wildlife

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