Sunday, November 29, 2015

Popular Boaters Gifts

This article lists popular gifts for boaters and other mariners. Boating themed gifts are appropriate for birthdays, Father's Day, Christmas, retirement, holiday, and other occasions.

Gift ideas for boaters include boating tutorials, classic movies, books, magazines, calendars, prints, stickers, ornaments, coffee mugs, hats, t shirts, sweatshirts, electronics, safety equipment, and other items.

A personal flotation device can be a practical gift for boaters. Also called PFDs, life jackets, or life preservers, personal flotation devices are neccessary for fishing, sailing, power boating, kayaking, and other recreational water sports. The U.S. Coast Guard has specific requirements regarding personal flotation devices. 

Boating apparel is always popular with boaters. Specialized boating apparel includes t shirts, sweatshirts, button-up shirts, hats, and other gear.

While in port, boaters often enjoy apparel that is adorned with nautical images. Nautical prints depict anchors, compass roses, fish, birds, marine mammals, fishing boats, sailboats, lighthouses, famous ports, and other nautical icons.

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